The Age Old Struggle with English

The relationship of government schools with teaching the language English is a common narrative. Children in our partner schools find the language a source of discomfort and non-identification. In a dialogue with the Principal, he shares, “I would honestly say that we are not able to give necessary importance to students learning English. We, also, do not expect them to. But, now, we believe that our children have no limits and can learn anything they wish to.” 

We find this as a good time to partner teachers and children to make the surroundings a TLM. Children can be seen having fun labelling the tree, doors, chairs and other things around them in both languages (English and Hindi). Most of the older children, being at a concrete operational stage of cognitive development, are more likely to grasp from concrete knowledge-building experiences from their immediate environment. Most children from class 3rd to 5th remember the names of things around them in English.


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