Jyoti is pursuing B.Ed and undergoing her final phase of teacher training. Jyoti often shares that being a good teacher is something she is really passionate about and has set high ambitions for her students’ achievements through classroom learning. After Aaina Dekho, she states that it has been a journey of substantial transformation in the way she perceives herself and others.

Jyoti shared that earlier, she easily labelled a few children in a class as ‘intelligent’ on a very subconsciously chosen basis of how well they responded. A  report that she had to submit, had to consist of the names of 5 ‘intelligent’, 5 ‘average’ and 5 ‘weak’ students. After the program, she realized that these were mere labels she had given to her students.

This made her execute 3-phases of pre-test to really know how her students have been doing. In the first phase, she took a pre-test of 20 questions; in the second, she made the student make a working model of something that they had learnt and finally in the third phase she took to the graphical chart-based representation of their knowledge using pictures and stories. This exercise made her see a lot of students performing well, whom she had earlier labelled as average or low.

 Now, she feels, even these children feel more connected to her and seek her out often.


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